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This was suggested 5 years ago but closed due to lack of interest. I'll just paste the original suggestion here:
Currently XenForo uses CSS to resize images to fit the viewing window. This doesn't change the file size of the image and is not a great solution for mobile.
I would love to see XenForo implement responsive images for image attachments using srcset and sizes attributes like WordPress has done.

Basically, we need to have the ability to retain the original uploads (Or at least a very large resize of it) for future proofing the images, while retaining the ability to serve smaller images to user's browsers. IE, we WANT to save that 10MB photo that was uploaded, but if someone uses the "Insert Full" link, we don't want it to actually serve that 10MB file to the browser. We want to serve a file size that's appropriate to the device in question.
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I'd be happy with just an extra medium size that can be set to whatever you want (for me, around 1000px would be great)

Big enough for casual viewing, but small enough file size it doesn't kill the site when someone has inserted 10 x 10mb attachments into a post!

Even better if the extra sizes could be stored in the data directory instead, so they can be CDN'd like the thumbnails.
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