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Multilanguaje forum?

I am thinking on buy xenforo but i have this questions.

I am thinking on create a international forum and the default languaje is english. later they will be sections in another langiajes (spanish russian turkish etc) and i where thinking on do it to subdomains

default forum (english) ---------> mydomain.com


subdomains should have as a subdorum/subforum but just showing in the index the languaje forum subcategories

es.mydomain.com ----------> spanish the same but in spanish just spanish subforums
tr.mydomain.com ----------> spanish the same but in turkish just spanish subforums

the users with just 1 account can navigate on all forums and all is interconnected

if it is not possible can i do it on mydomain.com/spanish/ just showing the spanish as another installation? (index categories etc) but in the same xenforo installation?

thanks a million


Well-known member
There is currently no method in the software to phrase the forums in different languages. As such, what you are asking for is not possible.