MP3, WAV, ORG embedded in posting.

Hi I just installed xenForo and we are using it for the forums on our website. We were looking for way to better communicate with our members and listeners. Is there a better way to embed a link to a (our) 24 /7 station which is JoeFm Radio . When clicking the link you should hear the station however we are not to happy with the quality of the sound doing it this way. We are a community station and non-profit linked up to many of the VA Medical Center in the US. JoeFm - The Voice Of The American Veteran Our xenforo site is (still under construction)


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There isn't a built in way to embed an audio file into a post.

I would suggest that if the audio isn't high quality when you access it directly that it would be an issue with the audio/audio recording itself. Embedding it is unlikely to change anything.

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Presumably you mean .ogg rather than ORG.

.ogg files are going to be a problem on many browsers anyway.

I use an html parsing addon to embed audio in posts, but you need something that allows html parsing only for usergroups with permissions or you may have problems with members posting all kinds of didgy stuff.

I use this one:*******-parse-html-bbcode.3546/

There is still a problem with embedding audio and being compatible with all browsers. If you use the html5 embed code, you actually need to have audiofile as both .mp3 and .ogg

Hence most people will host media on Youtube or Soundcloud and use bbcode.

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Here is one example of how to embed audio with html5:

<audio  controls="controls">
                                    <source src="path-to-audiofile.mp3" type="audio/mpeg" />
                                    <source src="path-to-audiofile.ogg" type="audio/ogg" />
Optional message for people whose browser doesn't support this html5 audio player, e.g. you an put a direct link to the audiofile here