Moving to Xenforo

We currently have a SMF forum with a simple portal homepage , which we promote threads to the homepage as articles

Xenforo seems to offer a lot more, especially the mobile response as most of our members use the forum via smartphone

We would like to do something similar with Xenforo , and have a landing page with articles or recent threads, do I need to purchase addons for this or is it available in the base package working with a portal

What portals are available?
And the addons with Xenforo are they available to be purchased at anytime?


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Well technically they can be purchased at any time, although purchasing them for a non-current license would be a bit pointless as it wouldn't be possible to download them.
So if I had a license transferred to me, I could still buy the addons and update the subscription when the license expires

Has anyone got a link for a forum using a portal?

I've noticed this forum is Laggy from a mobile is this just this server?

Also I'm coming from SMF, I notice a lot of posts regarding conversion, it's a shame you haven't been able to implement this yet :(
Thanks for that Brogan
I have now purchased a license so the ball is rolling now, I can see there's a bit of a learning curve with this system.

As for mobile I use a BlackBerry Z30, I've noticed the lag on both wifi and data but not when I clear my cookies.

This is one of the main reasons from moving from SMF is the responsive setup is so much better than a mobile theme, and the majority of users are via smartphone.