XF 1.5 Moving to SSL?


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I just got notified by Tapatalk that as of January 1st, Apple will not approve any apps that do not connect to a SSL host. And that I need to enable SSH on my Xenforo site for my Tapatalk app to continue working.

I am running NGINX with Xenforo 1.5.x. I am using Securi and their CloudProxy for my firewall.

I would like the users coming via the web to still access the site via http... however they could use https if they wanted.

Is there a tutorial on moving to SSL for Xenforo? While I am sure I can get the SSL working on my webserver, I am concerned about errors from non SSL content (especially my ad networks) I have already enabled image proxy, so that should be ok...

So is there anything out there which can point me in the right direction?



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As far as XF is concerned, it's a case of:

1. Installing the certificate on the server
2. Adding rules to the .htaccess file (see point 20 here: https://xenforo.com/community/threads/frequently-asked-questions.5183/#post-180456)
3. Updating the Board URL
4. Enabling the image proxy
5. Updating any media bb code site definitions, assuming they support HTTPS (you will need to delete or disable any that don't to avoid mixed content warnings)
6. Any custom content you have implemented such as ads, etc. you will also need to switch to HTTPS (if available)


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Thanks Brogan,

I am on NGINX so now .htaccess file.

I would like the users to continue using http:// and not force everyone to https:// my main concern is having https for my custom tapatalk app.

Tracy Perry

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If you are using CentOS and @eva2000's CentMin Mod, it's a very simple process. In fact, with it you can even use LetsEncrypt's free SSL certificates (albeit the function to automate it is in BETA form). The re-write for HTTP to HTTPS is fairly simple.


Thanks for outlining the necessary steps, Brogan.

One small detail: If you've specified a site logo image at an "http" address rather than "https", you'll want to update that, too. You can find it at:
Admin Control Panel > Appearance > Style Properties > Header and Navigation > Header Logo Image Path