Duplicate Moving Threads to Another Forum Causes Unread Status Appearance


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This is most noticeable on XenForo, provided there aren't any other unread posts, of course.

Let's use Mike's latest response in the identities bug report as an example. He posted saying it was fixed, and I viewed it before he moved it to Resolved Bug Reports and the thread was consequently marked as read. Mike then moved the thread from XenForo Bug Reports to Resolved Bug Reports, which had zero new posts. When I went back to the forum list, the Resolved Bug Reports forum was in bold as if there were new posts, but there weren't. Going into the forum proved that, which consequently resolved the issue; additionally, if I were to go on the New Posts page, the thread wouldn't even appear there, rightly so, because there are no unread posts in that specific thread.

It should be noted, though, that the person moving the threads doesn't notice this because they are taken back to the threads after they're moved.

Hope I explained myself well.
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This has been reported previously (several times).

When I find the original resolved report I'll link to it here.
Regardless if Brogan can track down the other report, it's basically not fixable as it would require calculations against a large number of users when a thread is moved.
Essentially no. The forum read status knows nothing about the threads within, only the last post date. That is changing when the thread is moved, so it would require recalculation (at least for all users that had the forum marked as read).
The last post date would be changing because it's the latest thread in the forum and that always reflects the last post in the forum.
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