XF 2.1 Moving Servers Issue

Chuck Weinstock

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I did an import of a VB3.8 forum on a cloud server and verified that the resultant xenforo 2.1 forum worked at least to the level of being able to read posts. I then dumped the database and restored it to a database of the same name on the new server, and made a copy of xenforo 2.1 and installed in installed it on the new server. The URL is the same on both servers. But when I go to the URL on the new server I do not see any forums or posts.

I'm attaching screenshots from both.

Any thoughts?


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I assume you either used identical database credentials or updated the config.php file with the details for the new server.

The second image looks like an issue with templates - try navigating to /install and rebuilding the master data.

If that doesn't work then something has gone wrong with the dump and restore.


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By the way importing our VB3.8 forum only took in excess of 48 hours on a 8 core Linux system using 8 processes.
This is not a problem caused by XF.

"on a cloud server" :( ...

The import of a forum is - when it has reached a certain size - always a complex process. "Cloudserver" sounds hip, but it can never be the right one for such complex processes. You always share the "8 core Linux system" with other users.
On our server, the import from VB3.8 to XF, with around 2 million postings, took around 2 hours - but on our own server. (Linux 8 Cores / 16Threads and a highly optimized MySQL)

Chuck Weinstock

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We used the CLI. We have over 52 million posts. As I said earlier we spun up a high powered cloud server at the suggestion of Xenforo support. There is no way I was going to run this test import on our production servers.