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Just wanted everyone to know that I'm no longer active in Web development of any kind. As of today I am retiring from it all after twelve years of being in the business. Most of those years were intense, with very little spare time for myself or my family. The past four years or so have been a constant scramble to get enough work to make ends meet, and that takes its toll as well. So I've trimmed a lot of fat (in more ways than one) to ease the financial stress, and decided that the Web design market just doesn't support my needs anymore. Plus, aside from the lack of income, I was simply getting tired of it, as it takes a lot of time and energy to manage clients and websites almost 24/7.

So off I go to new things. :) I won't ramble on with all the thank yous and best of luck to all of you, etc. We all know about that stuff, lol. There could very well be one or two personal website projects in the future (keeping my XenForo license!), but I don't plan to develop as a career anymore.

Hakuna matata!


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I loosely followed your career for years, you will be missed.

Best of luck, and hope to see you around. :)


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Like Dean I followed you for years. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors. And please do not be a stranger here; I always feel a little bit better when a fellow Scotian is online, ;)


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Best of luck to you sir!

I haven't known you long, but I will miss you none the less :)

I can also totally relate to what you are saying ;) Greener pastures have been beckoning me for a while now, although I do so love Xenforo that I am going to continue doing that, but I have scaled back my online presence immensely lately, and intend to continue to do so, reserving my web world to Xenforo only.


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Like Dean and Lawrence, I too have followed you for years. You will be sorely missed in the developement world.
Good luck to you, and may you be blessed, in everything you do.

Dark Matter

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Good luck with life then outside that development cage. I also read you posting this on vBulletin the other day, so you do seem to be saying goodbye all-round.