Moving from IPS4 to Xenforo


Hi everyone,

I'm considering moving to Xenforo from IP board 4.1. My question is how easy is to do? What short term impact will this have on my community? Do passwords carry over? Also, does the converter support IPS4.1 ?
Thanks. :)


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I moved last year from 3.x and was the best decision!
Support here is the best I have seen, both from mods/devs and from the community in general.

Do you know if that script works for 4.1 ?
If you would like to try another route you could o it with apache/nginx redirects like I've done here.

There are the rules I'm using now with nginx:

    # IPB -> XF
    rewrite ^/forum/(\d+)-(.+)/page-(\d+) /forums/$2.$1/page-$3? permanent; # forum page
    rewrite ^/forum/(\d+)-([^\/]*) /forums/$2.$1/? permanent; # forum
    rewrite ^/topic/(\d+)-(.+)/page-(\d+) /threads/$2.$1/page-$3? permanent; # topic pages
    rewrite ^/topic/(\d+)-([^\/]*) /threads/$2.$1/? permanent; # topic
    rewrite ^/gallery/category/(\d+)-([^\/]*) /media/categories/$2.$1/? permanent; # gallery cats
    rewrite ^/gallery/album/(\d+)-([^\/]*) /media/albums/$2.$1/? permanent; # gallery albums
    rewrite ^/gallery/image/(\d+)-([^\/]*) /media/$2.$1/? permanent; # gallery media
    rewrite ^/gallery /media/? permanent; # gallery
    rewrite ^/user/(\d+)-([^\/]*) /members/$2.$1/? permanent; # users
    rewrite ^/(blogs|blog) /? permanent; # blogs
    # /IPB -> XF
Test before go live and welcome to XF :)


Thank you both. I went ahead and purchased Xenforo.

I've been trying a test install but completely messed it up when I installed Xenforo on my IPB database o_O, is this bad? I haven't backed up in about a week. The site is still working fine though. What shall I do? :(


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Is there anyway to delete Xenforo from my IPB db without messing anything up?

Xenforo have table prefix xf_, so you can delete the tables with prefix xf_ without messing much, also before doing anything thing keep backups,

its not good to use same database for both IPB and xenforo. Also go for some Dev installation first for testing out import or anything ;)


Ok I deleted the XF tables, thanks people the support here is amazing :D

The test install went ok, the only issue I have noticed is that tagged members ( so @whoever) are going to not found pages.. does anyone know why this could be? Thanks guys :)