XF 1.4 Moving blog to forum


Formerly mugtree
We have a wordpress blog but I would prefer to keep it all within Xenforo. Our forum is private and you have to register to see anything. So I want to be able to post a blog post and everyone see it including none members and search engines. But only members can see comments and post. How can I do this please?


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Whatever permissions you have set in the forum will be respected.

Anything to do with Wordpress however is external to XF and therefore not something we can advise on.

If you are talking about moving blog content to the forum then you can either do that manually or use an add-on, if one exists.


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If you're suggesting using threads, then the permission is really over the whole thread, so seeing the first post would give them access to all of the comments too. (You can restrict reply permissions though.)


Formerly mugtree
Ok thanks. Yeah it was more about the permissions than working with Wordpress. So how would I set up a sub forum called Blog and then each new thread would just be me (admin) allowed to start a post. That whole sub forum including the threads would be visible to everyone and be google indexed.