Moving a Forum But Have No Host Access

Hi, I'm hoping someone will be able to help me out here, I am pretty much a hobbiest with this stuff.

My gaming guild forum was being run by a guy who has completely dropped off the planet and no one can get in contact with him. So I am taking over running the forum for our guild, and plan on moving it over to xenforo. But none of us have credentials to access the host, no FTP access or anything like that. The only access anyone has is admin rights in the forum software.

Is there any way posts on this forum can be moved somehow without access to the SQL? Probably a dumb question, but this is my last hope before we have to just start the whole forum over from scratch.

The forum is here and run on phpBB.


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Afraid not :-(

Have you tried contacting the host? Surely someone is still paying the hosting costs?

I guess you also don't have access to the domain name settings either which means you'll like lose the domain as well.
That is what I was afraid of, I kinda knew that was the answer though. We have tried emailing him, and contacting him through his other web site, but it appears he has let that site go as well. None of us knew him in real life so this is pretty much all we can do.

I did not even think about the domain name, I am not sure who has this.

Maybe I will try and give him a couple more weeks to show up. Thanks for the reply.