As designed Moved threads links don't get updated in news feed!


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Hi, I'm a new xenForo user. This morning I was testing and exploring some features and I found a little bug.

I have two users, "Admin" and "Youssefk", both are following each other. So "Youssefk" created a new thread in a forum and then "Admin" moved it to another forum. Now in the admin's news feed, it shows that "Youssefk" has created a new thread, but when clicking on it, it just shows and error page saying: "The requested thread could not be found." that's because the link to the thread is not updated.

I'm still learning web development so I don't have enough skills to fix this, I hope it gets fixed soon :)

Thank you!
This is basically as designed. The news feed is cached for efficiency. If he saw it when he could see it, it won't necessarily disappear.
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