XF 1.3 Moved directory. Cannot use some functions. Need help

I have now moved my install from a directory to root. I have updated the board information, but still i got some issues.
One of the issues i have, is that i cannot access style properties. I cannot edit a thread either without actually going into the thread itself and find the edit button. If I click "thread display options" it brings me back to home.

There must be that it cannot find the path after moving, but i dont know why. Does anyone have suggestions i can do?
Would be much appriciated :)



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I would probably look at reuploading files. That certainly seems to imply that there are some JS issues, though I can't be positive.

What do you mean that you can't access style properties? What happens?
Yea that could be the problem. When I try to access one of style properties and hit container or some sort it brings me back to style properties main page. Like if the link was not there.