Move visitor bar to top of header


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Third question today, I'm gonna get the hang of it eventually :)

I'm trying to move the navigation_visitor_tab template out of the navbar and into a div at the top of the header.

I suck at css, always just done stuff in html. I can't even get a div added to the top of the header by itself as it doesn't show up.

Anyone have advice on how to get it in there? I've tried just pulling the call out of the navigation template and putting it at the top of the header in it's own div, in the header div, after the div, etc, nothing I try will get it working right.

Sorry for all the questions, but I gotta learn sometime, I guess I'm just too used to the way vbulletin did things.


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I did something similar (picture above) and if you PC me I can see if I can help you do what you want to do.