Move User Info across from title


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I am trying to move the user info in a message next to the title. Reference the pictures below:
As you can see under the users avatar and title, it says "Member Since, Post Count.". I would like to move the actual post count to next to the "Post Count" title instead of under it. See the second picture:

I want the user info to be next to the "member since" like below:

I also want to change users registration date to just month and year instead of the full date.

You will need to add float: left to .messageUserBlock .extraUserInfo dt in EXTRA.css

You will also need to apply more styling as appropriate, also to this class: .pairsInline dl, .pairsInline dt, .pairsInline dd

The date format is set in the ACP per language.
Thanks. I've been playing with the css, but struggling. Any chance someone could help with how to align left the text on the left, and align-right the text on the right, similar to the second picture I posted? I
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