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Move to Trash Can 1.0.5

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Diesel submitted a new resource:

Move to Trash Can - Delete and move threads to a specific trash can node with two clicks.

Increase moderator productivity by allowing them to delete and move a thread to a designated 'trash can' forum in two clicks.

This modification makes use of the Template Modification system and adds a new option to Inline Moderation and also to Thread Tools whilst viewing a thread.

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I'm guessing the permission imitates the 'delete thread' one? As I cannot find where to set permissions for trashing. Thanks!


It would be nice to be able to specify a reason for why a mod is trashing a thread rather than automatically putting the reason as "Trashed"!


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Is there an easy way to make this addon not soft delete the threads but only move them to the thrash forum?


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I found some bugs:

1. The Trash button is being display even when selecting individual posts within a thread and if you attempt to click it you get the following error message: "The requested page could not be found."

2. After you trash a thread, the forum where it was posted will still report that the thread is there (this happens in the homepage, not in the forum page). However that thread isn't there anymore but in the Trash Can forum. To fix that you have to manually Rebuild Forum Information. This doesn't happen when using the regular Delete button.

Also I have some suggestions

1. You should ask for a trash reason... that's a must imho.
2. Instead of providing the Trash button as an alternative to the Delete button (basically two buttons that do almost the same thing) you should simple replace the original Delete action with your Trash function.
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When install the XML I get the following error

Please enter a valid callback method (NixFifty_TrashCan_Listener_Listen::loadClassController).


I installed this mod went to option and can find nothing about it. I get this error when I try and use it!

The following error occurred:
The Trash Can node has not been set. Please remedy this in the Admin Control Panel.

So i went to my node tree and even tried to create a forum for this but still don't see any setting for it?