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XF 1.4 move to subdomain

My site is not working out the way I'd like to do so now I wanna reinstate my former frontpage. The xenforo install then need to move to a subdomain.

Downloading the files from mydomain.com and uploading them to the xenforo.mydomain.com I totally get but what steps do I need to take for the database to connect to the site in the new location.

I read the FAQs on the subject but don't understand it. Can someone please help me with a good explanation in how to do it!


XenForo moderator
Staff member
If you were moving to a new directory or to the root, yes.
For a sub domain, you will need to ensure the server is configured accordingly.

Don't forget you will also need to implement redirection.


XenForo moderator
Staff member
There's not really much more I can add.

You will need to configure the sub domain and implement redirects.

Your host should be able to help you with the first part.
You can use the example in the FAQ for the second.