XF 1.5 Move to https (I read the guide, but got stuck)


Hello Community,
I've read the great guide on how to switch your board from http to https: https://xenforo.com/community/resources/how-to-implement-ssl-to-secure-http-traffic-https.5425/

But I ran into two issues, I couldn't figure out, not even with help of the guide, or the search function here.

1. When it switched to https and changed all the things suggested in the guide, one or better two errors popped-up, which have been:

I can only imagine that this is located under: Options->Performance->jQuery Source->Locally hosted (which is my selection), but where can I edit this part, so that is changed to httpS://cdn.mysite.org..."

I think I could change most of the other things on my own...the other question I have is related to the image proxy option

2. I understand that I have to enable the image proxy when I offer the possibility to "hotlink" images from my forum. What does this exactly mean? That every image (thumbnail) needs to be copied to our server for a certain period of time?)

During my test, I also received a couple of errors regarding the image proxy:

ErrorException: copy(/www/forum.mysite.org/public_html/internal_data/image_cache/1917/1917220-81e67512a177fb793bc72dc5f344c5c0.data): failed to open stream: Permission denied - library/XenForo/Helper/File.php:261

Thanks in advance for any kind of tip you can offer me :)
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