Future fix Move Threads alerts users even if thread moved between hidden forums

We have a "report a post" forum where "reports" go. We also have a "Report Bin" where we move threads when they are resolved. Both forums are for moderators only. No regular members can see those forums.

What happens:
The Reporter (a regular member) gets an alert that their thread has moved (When moved from Report a Post > Reports Bin).

I believe it shouldn't happen since both forums are hidden.

Suggested fix:
If the "from forum" is not visible to the thread starter, leave "Notify thread starter of this action." unchecked by default.

Side suggestion!:
While I am suggesting Report a Post fixes:
Moderators should automatically subscribe to Reports that they make themselves.

In other words: If the Reporter can view the Report a Post forum, he or she should be subscribed to the report so he or she can see the responses. Makes moderation easier.


XF 1.4.5


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All the alert says is that it was moved to a different forum, so as long as the staff only forums' permissions are set accordingly, they won't be able to view it.


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We intentionally don't check permissions based on after the action being taken. Otherwise, sending an alert on deletion would basically be impossible. However, it would be reasonable to check permissions before the action is taken, though I can actually an edge case there (for example, moving from a forum you can't see to one you can see). That may lead to the ideal being to give the alert if you had permissions to see the content before the action or after the action.

Regardless, the code actually makes this rather difficult so it's going to have to be something we'd resolve in the future.