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I am thinking of moving from vbulletin 4 (with cms, blog..) and I have read the following thead about the importer script

Here is my questions:
-Can We imports all vbulletin forum threads, cms artiles to Xemforo?

-How about the blog articles?

-I am having problems with vbulletin 4 search function(It does not work well when we search utf-8). How about the search function of Xenforo?

-Is it better to use advanced search function of xenforo? In order to use it, what is the requiment for server?

You can import all VB threads and this is consistently reported to be straightforward.

CMS you'd need xenporta so have a look at it.
There is a new addon for handling articles on the way CMF whch is looking good. However it has no ETA as yet. Might be here in a few weeks.

There;s at least one major blog addon, I think more than one. Check the Resource Manager (see Resources on top navbar) I have seen newcomers talking about importing to the blog addons so it seems it can be done.
(The new CMF articles addon will also generate blogs - it simply structures content the way you want it to be in a specific section - node)

XF search is very good I find though I prefer to disable the default Search this forum only - which aborts many a search for the unwary user. who does not realise that "no results" is about the forum not the board. That's a simple edit on the template though.
XF Advanceed Search is designed for bigger boards. More info on it here
There are some paid blog addons that offer import support for vblogs. When I converted from vB 3.X, there weren't and so I converted my blogs to threads. If I could do it over, I'd study the XF Blog addons and decide which one I wanted and then go that route for the import. There isn't a CMS addon yet that i know of.
Thank you for your replies.
I realy do not need a cms(front page) if I move to Xenforo. However, I don't want to loose all of my articles in my vb cms.
Regarding to the blog scripts, if you know somes good one can you show me some?

By the ways, I have access the resoures and got "Download Not Available"
What does it mean? The download file is down? Or I do not have permission to dowload it?
Ok thanks for your reply. I got it now :D

I have one more question:
Does the search engine search Japanese, Chinese or Vietnamese (utf-8).
I did a test on demo forum but it seems that the search engine does not work with Japanese.
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