Move 3rd party services to RM


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The third party services forum hosts offers from designers, developers, technical administrators, hosting & community staff.

If you look for one type of service you need to wade through many unrelated threads. There is no way to find the highest rated service provider.

It would work well to move this to the resource manager, because that would allow categories for each type of service, reviews, portfolio and it will also allow customers to see which addons/designs the service provider has released in the RM. Customers can also see the top service providers.

Besides the advantages as a much better index of service providers, it also showcases the usefulness of the resource manager as a product.
I really like how IPS has just implemented their new resource manager with functions for 3rd parties to advertise their services and functions for customers to advertise their projects.

I hope that XenForo will see how such approach will allow more 3rd party services to become involved in XF and more addons to become available.
It will also allow more customers to find quality 3rd party services.

Such approach would make XenForo grow as a platform.
Agree for selected services useful to XF admins - hosting, graphic design, installs, upgrades.
Only thing is if these services going to generate threads it will increase clutter. I already find clutter a big issue makes New Threads less and less attarctive. Can only get worse as XF gets busier.
I have written on this elsewhere - need to Hide items, and Hide whole sections.
I'm not opposed to either approach actually... the only issue I could see if a web host is constantly posting "updates" it could be annoying for people after addons?
@Slavik it's clutter again. Like I say it's going to get worse after 1.2 as XF gets busier.

If I could select to Hide certain stuff from my New search results
e/g the hosting forum (because I have a good host or I do my own server)
and the Styles forums (because I do my own/ or I'm fine with what I have)
Development (because I ain't a dev)
etc etc
then select individual threads as they come up as Starter threads on a Starter search
what I'm left with is my areas of interest with very little clutter.

plus an Unhide control - global
or divine level a dropdown to remind me what I have Hidden
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