Lack of interest Mousing and thread preview trigger area


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While I definitely appreciate the thread preview, I have been finding myself over-mousing.

It goes something like this on forumdisplay type pages. There is a thread title that catches my eye, mouse over to get the preview, dang, preview went off screen, scroll, mouse back to get preview, meh, not interested, mouse away to not trigger other previews, mouse over to get a different preview, preview stays on screen, oh good, can read it without it prematurely disappearing, meh, not interested in that one either, dang, preview in the way of other thread titles, mouse away to read, mouse back to get another preview, meh, scroll down to next preview, drat, thread title shorter, no preview, mouse over to get it, done, mouse away, mouse back, scroll, mouse over, etcetera.

Geez, I don't know what to suggest for this though... maybe the addition of a thread preview column, something thin, next to the replies/views column, that you could use to get previews by vertically scrolling over the area, something that would be easier to get on and off of with a small mouse move.