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AndyB submitted a new resource:

More Threads - Allows showing more threads by a user based on forum selection.


Allows showing more threads by a user based on forum selection.

Viewers can easily see more threads of a particular type. For example you can show a list of all threads a member started in a Music forum.

(Example of Options page)

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(Example of thread view)

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(Example of More Threads page)

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All phrases start with morethreads_ for your convenience....
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This looks good, gonna download when on a machine with ftp

Will you ever allow your add ins to be installed with the upload/update add on plugin? Just loads easier


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What a simple, yet effective idea for users finding more content on a specific topic from other members they're interested in. Your site members must be spoiled with all the top ideas you come up with and implement!


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I'm unable to select non-contiguous forum names by holding down the Ctrl key from within the More Threads options area. I can only select contiguous forums by holding down Shift. Is this a bug with my computer or the add-on? Not sure.