Lack of interest More Profile Posts Have Been Posted


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When you're in a thread and you're typing a response and someone makes a post, you'll get a notification informing you of that, in which you can click on the view link to show it. If you don't, it'll automatically appear when you make your post.

In some situations, that notification doesn't come up, but someone has still posted, and it again appears when you post. However, profile posts don't do this.

Let's say there are three people:
  • User A
  • User B
  • User C

User A posts a profile status. User B posts a profile comment. User A is in the process of replying when they get an alert that user C has made a comment. Rather than viewing the comment, user A continues to reply, and when they post, their comment is directly under user B's. However, refreshing the page shows user C's comment below user B's comment because user C's comment didn't automatically appear when user A posted like what happens when this situation occurs in thread posts.

I think something like this for profile posts would be incredibly useful.