Implemented More of a UX issue with Similar Threads


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This is more of a nuisance than a bug, but the similar threads drop-down (on PC) is quite annoying as it essentially acts as a 'search' and one can easily click on a thread unrelated to their post over creating a new one which could essentially hamper engagement.

There are several suggestions for improvements which could be taken into consideration while addressing this issue:
  • Admin toggle on/off (I'd like mine on)
  • Create an indent to easily access the editor to ignore the pop-down (for those LTR writers as RTL isn't compromised by this).
  • Add an X next to 'Is this already being discussed?'
  • Make a delay of X seconds to fade out.
I would personally like to see the X as I've figured that clicking in the area of where it says 'Is this already being discussed?' gets rid of the menu, so it seems like the most logical approach of them all.

Unsure if this should be a 'bug' or suggestion (as I've posted several solutions that XF could contemplate to address this). If it's in the wrong section, feel free to move it.


It's even more bothersome on mobile (portrait), which I will edit in below in a couple seconds (as to why I'd recommend the X).

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I'm going to call this implemented as amongst other changes, we have added the "X" that closes the suggestions (and stops offering them unless you refresh).

As we're not using a "popup" approach to this, the suggestions no longer cover any form controls.
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