More grateful/helpful community here


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It is something that I have noticed here. The majority of users who ask for help are appreciative and grateful and they show it. This is something that I haven''t noticed in other forums, where most of the users do not even bother to say a simple thank you for the help they got, or post back that the solution that was provided for their issues worked or not. Also the community seems more helpful, where more and more users, besides the staff, like to help out the other users with their issues. I like that a lot. It gives a nice comfortable feeling/atmosphere in the forums which makes it a very nice place to hang out and do your share :)

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I think many people are eager to share their knowledge. People are excited and most feel a sense of ownership and pride of the product.
I've said it several times before, their there is a sense of community.
The same can still be said elsewhere, but it has certainly declined dramatically over the years.


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The software has a big part in this situation. Users are drawn to the forum, online activity is high, response is healthy and for my point of view developers are encouraged to contribute when they see their work is acknowledged

When I see new add-on is shared I give it a “like” even I won’t be using it, just because it’s fun to give like :D. Sharing an idea, giving feedback browsing through pages has the same joy. When all that comes together you have the recipe for an ideal community.


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The sad side is, as xenForo picks up and becomes more popular, that will most likely change as those who feel "entitled" to the internet find out about it.


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Not if people are told how things work here politely by the community when they step out of line. I was the first person warned here about being did not deter me from visiting, purchasing, learning and contributing. I just wish I had more to share. I support the team because I support their actions and by transitive properties I must support the community they brought together as a manner of principle or it would all mean nothing.

It is true this place is second to none when it comes to community help which is amazing because EVERYONE here using XF had to start from scratch (even imported boards need their style and importing alone is a big job itself IMO.) and the community still finds time to help others though I am willing to bet almost every single person helping here is busy configuring their new sites running on XF. This is nothing short of amazing if you think about it.

What needs to happen when you get the "you owe me people", is a friendly welcome wagon of people to help them become a valued member of a community in a way that doesn't say you know nothing. A lot of the you owe me people are selfish yes...but an equal many are just too proud ask questions in a submissive way that makes them feel inferior because of experiences elsewhere that treat a noob like scum or belittles them for not knowing something as frivolous as a common internet term like OP = original post The ones who listen are worth helping ...the ones who do not are just baggage.

If words of command are not clear and distinct, if orders are not thoroughly understood, the general is to blame. But if his orders are clear, and the soldiers nevertheless disobey, then it is the fault of their officers.


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I think this will be the best it will ever be here at xenForo.

Because we have not encountered the new wave of n00b forum admins yet.

*sarcasim* Who knows we could be all to famous after xenForo takes off to make any new friends. :cool: *sarcasim*

We better start building our cyber-friendships with each other now! :D


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Likes can be misinterpreted..

I think that if someone takes the time to personally help you it is worth more than a like as a response. For instance if someone helped someone else ...I would click like because I like seeing people helping one another as that is the basis for a community. I make it a point to at least offer a few words to compensate for the time someone took out of their day to help me.


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Well like to me is for a general I like that in relation to whatever topic or off-topic that it be. In the case above I was referring to liking for personally being assisted by is not that liking a post is not appropriate or anything...liking something is your opinion...therefor the definition of like must be your own or it has no purpose and with that logic you can't really distinguish what is ok to like and what isn't because instructing what is likeable is not really letting people display what they like and don't .

Again using the above logic Vodkaholic you could not be wrong in your opinion about likes (being overused) because you have defined for yourself what you think likes should be used for and that same logic says are entitled to think that way. That is the whole reason the system is great. I think it is just fine and it also avoids having to post if I have nothing to add to a topic ( I use it a lot in place of a +1) and wanted to distinguish more clearly as to where I was going with it before with that funny screenshot and a single example.


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Oh don't get wrong with the over used part, I mass over use it :)
But there is some posts like "hi" with a tons of likes.
Am not saying using likes is bad here >.>
Oh I know what you meant :) ...but someone who was sitting next to me that isn't familiar with forums and definitely doesn't know you got a bit confused and I figured the exchange between us (yourself and I) may clear up what you mean as overused. His words to me were "how can you like something too much" and I explained to him that the like button is for interpretation :) My previous response was just me trying to make sure someone doesn't take what you said or I said in response the wrong way especially those who don't own the software...yet :)