XF 1.5 more font size options


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Is is possible to get more font sizes for xenforo?
I cant find it, and google wont even get me results. Only to change a php file. i did and adding fonts to it, but its not working.

Chris D

XenForo developer
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You can actually define the font size in px size rather than using the pre-defined sizes.

For example:
[size=11px]This text is larger than size "2" but smaller than size "3"[/size]

This text is larger than size "2" but smaller than size "3"

Though there is a hard maximum limit of 36px and you can't have a text size smaller than 8px.

Adding more sizes to the editor drop down is, frankly, more trouble than it's worth. It would involve several code edits and this is certainly not recommended.


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Thanks for the detailed response. Some fonts are smaller and this is why i sometimes wish to go larger. The linit of 36 is fine. Thanks for this workaround.