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vBulletin has phrases for pretty much everything, and while I know this isn't vBulletin, I think it'd be nice to see more phrases regarding activity.

For example, currently when you create a thread, it simply just says Viewing forum [Forum]. It would be nice to have it be more specific and say Creating thread [Forum].

Other activity phrases would include:
  • Watched forums and watched threads: Viewing watched forums / Viewing watched threads
    - Currently it's just Managing account details
  • Modifying a post: Modifying post [Thread]
    - Currently it either just says Viewing thread [Thread] or, oddly enough, just Viewing forum
  • Various phrases when performing moderation stuff, such as deleting and moving things like threads or posts

This is all I have for now, but I will add more if I can think of any. You guys are also welcome to add suggestions here if you agree with this.

Thoughts? Opinions?
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