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Mood Icon Discussion thread.

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Awesome work, Shelley. I somehow overlooked the Moods add-on, but will definitly get that running. Can't wait to see the full release.

Suggestions for more icons (you might have covered some of these already, just some suggestions of the top f my head):

- Applauding (Clapping?)
- Bowing
- Coding (Perhaps the nerdy icon with a keyboard, or a set with different little language symbols?)
- Conspiring or plotting (two whispering smileys)
- DJing
- Gambling (Blackjack/poker/roulette?)
- Gaming (Either a joystick or a smiley with a joystick) (possibly a iconset, with different icons for different consoles or maybe even games?)
- Gossipping
- HitchHiker's guide to the Galaxy inspired set? (I can imagine an icon with a towel, called "prepared").
- Magic (a wizard's hat?)
- Monty Python inspired icons? (Gumby, stoning, fish-slapping, funny walks?)
- Purring (a cat?)
- Reading (book or newspaper?)
- Stargazing
- Watching (TV?)

If you have a vB mood, how about a Xenforo mood? Perhaps using an icon of a thumbs up, or the holy grail? :D
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