Add-on Moneybookers/AlertPay gateway for user upgrades.

So, here's the thing. I'm looking for a moneybookers and/or (preferably and) alertpay payment gateway option for user upgrades. Paypal has up and randomly closed my account without anything but a cloudy explanation as to why...and I cannot appeal it or create another account. Thus, I am in a mess.

If one of these is available for free, or could be done for free, I'd be very happy...but I'll pay...if i have to. I am very strapped for funds because of this debacle with paypal at the moment, as I also use them for my business (have had my account since '03, verified etc). They have about 550$ held in there right now that they won't release.


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This mod is practically done; I'm just waiting on Moneybookers to set up a test account so I can perform some live testing.