Money - split from 'Purchasing Question?'


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Our notes are just cool these days, especially the pretty much indestructible plastic they are made from...

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We do have the strongest currency in the world, I proved this in South Africa when I gave the biggest Afrikaaner you've ever seen a AU$10 note and asked him to break it.

In all seriousness, our colourful notes are excellent for people who have vision impairments and the elderly.


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I think the nation's mood on joining the Euro may well change when we get Charles' noggin on our banknotes :)
This side of Hadrian's wall we have 3 sets of banknotes: Royal Bank of Scotland, Bank of Scotland and Clydesdale bank all issue notes, in addition to the Bank of England notes. I don't think Liz's face is on any of the Scottish ones. However, the designs are starting to look more like Euro notes.


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And they're also useful if you run out of notes in your Monopoly set :p.
At $0.97 to the US$1 it would be an expensive Monopoly set.
Parity, here we come. And beyond!
And then.. cheap snowboarding and fishing gear will be mine.. mwahahhaaha


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At $0.97 to the US$1 -Parity, here we come
No booo! :( My income is all in USD.. it sux0rs that our $ is so high right now.. bad for exporters, even lil ones like me.

Paypal fees and fees on their exchange rates mean I am already losing about 5% :'(

What's the NZ $ doing.. might have to emigrate :p


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$ = crap going to fail
£ = don't know who it will act, it's hard to say
€ = more stable in the long term. win over $.


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In my opinion the Euro sucks.

If the UK ever adopt the Euro I will bloody immigrate.... though obviously not to a country in Europe.