Monetizing Forums with XenForo ... mobile, affiliate inserts, subscriptions, etc.


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Considering XenForo for new forum based site and would like feedback from current users on ease of various monetization methods:

1. Affiliate Inserts on Keywords/Links.

Would like user posts to automatically be scanned and have Keywords like "Amazon" augmented with links to Amazon.
Would like affiliate info to be added (replacing other affiliate if needed) to user links (for example to an Amazon product).

2. Mobile Experience

More and more users will be visiting from mobile obviously. Any issues with various ad programs not playing well with different screen display dimensions, static sized ads breaking out of responsive design, etc? How are others dealing with mobile view and ads for their forums -- just letting mobile browser self-adjust? Does XenForo self-adjust?

3. Subscriptions

Any feature or add-on to easily handle selling subscriptions with enhanced experiences for users? Is it proving worthwhile or too much of a headache with XenForo?

4. Etc.

Any other monetization issues we should be considering?



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1. Affiliate Inserts on Keywords/Links
@AndyB has some addons for affiliate ads ($35 gets you all you want of 300+ addons):

2. Mobile Experience
Xenforo itself is fully responsive but you need to be careful to use responsive ads for mobile.

Two options:
  • you can wrap the ad code in a DIV and use CSS to autosize it:
     <img src="ad.jpg" alt="" class="ad_responsive">
    CSS in extra.less
    .ad-responsive {
    max-width: 100%;
    height: auto;
  • you can use this addon which takes care of making all your ads responsive:
3. Subscriptions
Built in to Xenforo and easy to set up and use. No addons needed.


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There is also a free Amazon/eBay parser addon,