XF 2.2 Mods cannot see blocked profiles


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In the forum, the moderators cannot see profile pages of blocked users. There is always a "ooops" site. Only admins can do this. Where do I have to change the permissions for the mods?
The point is that the mods can see the profile and click on the link to see the number of posts by the blocked user. So that you can see your last posts more quickly and understand why a user was blocked.
I know this menu item, but the problem is that when I activate it, the mods can see all users who are invisible. But that's not my point: the mods should be allowed to see the blocked profiles.

I enabled the "Bypass user privacy" feature and then the mods can see blocked profiles, but I don't want them to be able to see invisible profiles.

Even if a banned user was NOT invisible, the mods cannot see their blocked profile.

Is it actually not possible for mods to see blocked profiles without seeing all invisible users?
It's really annoying that something like that isn't possible.

I also find it very annoying that the moderators can only see invisible profiles in the "Who is online" list if my invisible status is then displayed at the same time...
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