Modifying listings


How easy is it to change:

1) threads/posts into it's own column on forum listings
2) replacing current thread/posts count with the description (instead of the javascript pop-up on hover)
3) show child-forums/categories under their parents links, like: or pretty much any other basic forum

I appreciate the difference in design that XenForo has taken for simplicity, but the changes seem to make everything feel too empty visually using a fluid layout, so I'd prefer to go back to some of the basic layouts we've all seen before in one specific case. I'm just hoping I don't have to do a ton of modification? I don't see any easy one-click solutions in the settings.

Thank you!


All of those are fairly simple to do with template edits and/or CSS.

There's a template modification thread for the sub-forums here:
That's not bad. I was looking for something more along the lines of: I've searched here for that site but nothing comes up. Anything you're aware of similar to it? (It's far more compact than the link you listed.)

Thanks again Brogan


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You can probably adapt the CSS from the above template modification to achieve that look.
You will need to increase the number of columns, reduce the width, font sizes, etc.

Just looking at it though I can't see much difference between the two.