Add-on Modifications required to custom Avatar Gallery (willing to pay)

Because we enjoy torturing our users, we don't like them to have custom avatars. Instead, we have a gallery of relevant avatars which users can choose from.

Custom avatars will (eventually) be something we intend to flog off for users who are willing to pay.

We currently have an avatar gallery which we paid a guy to build but there's one problem...

We have literally thousands of avatars. And if you open the link to change your avatar in a new tab, it loads EVERY SINGLE AVATAR into one page (along with some other bugs that appear when that happens). We need this fixed promptly as it's killing our bandwidth and we've been unable to contact the guy who built it.

I'm wondering if there's someone here willing to take a look at it and see if they can't tidy it up a bit and change it so that if the JavaScript fails without loading every damn avatar.

  • The code we give you is copyright and you won't be able to use it anywhere else (condition of our original agreement from the guy who made it).

Alternatively, if anyone feels like building a new Gallery addon from scratch with the following features, we're happy to discuss that as well:
  • Restrict avatars to being from the gallery ONLY (so users can only use avatars that are in the gallery).
  • Multiple directories / categories of avatars. Adding new categories of images should be as simple as creating a sub-directory under the master avatar directory (via FTP) and uploading the files there.
  • Still allow users (who have the appropriate permissions) to upload their own custom avatar / gravatar.
  • Under NO circumstances should it - AT ANY TIME - load ALL the avatar images at once. No fancy JavaScript that upon failure, loads every image into a single page. If the js fails, I'd prefer it didn't load a single thing.
  • Avatars should not be "up-scaled". Down is fine to make the s and m images that XenForo uses but we have avatars that are 80x80 and smaller - and currently they end up being upscaled, stretched and looking like crap.
  • We use the full l sized image next to people's posts - we don't cut anything off larger avatars.
... and we'd allow you to publish it for free / sell it under your own terms (IE: You'd retain all rights, except we reserve the right to have your code modified / updated or altered in case we need new features or something changed and you're not around).
Yeah, that doesn't do what we want (mainly that it loads all of the avatars and has no categories). We asked him if he was willing to mod it but he wasn't available.