Modification related important questions


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I have some important questions.

1. Can we modify the login user name and password field to accept our language (Urdu)?
2. Can we modify the Text Editor that is used in Posting a new thread and Reply (the one from i am replying)?
3. Can we create our custom theme and use it in Xenforo?
4. Dose buttons like "Create Thread" support icons or images? If not then can we replace them?
4. Can we Replace the Text Editor completely? I mean totally replace it, lets say we replace it with CKEditor?
5. The current editor is using some similes icons can we change them?
6. What kind of modification is allowed in Xenforo?


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Yes to everything except the editor, which is heavily integrated into XenForo.

All phrases can be changed, as can the style and any images.


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Thank for the reply Brogan,

What is the name of the editor that is used in Xenforo?

Also some forums have HTHK (Hide before THanKs) or HTHKC (Hide before THanKs with post Count), is this also support in Xenforo?
This work with Thanks button when it pressed the Hidden content is visible to the one who press thanks button.