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[ModernTank] Fake Online User no copyright - This add-on is so create an environment to help make your forum look popular

Want to improve ur forum members ?
Want guests to see your forum active ?
Then use

Fake Online User :
Set a fake online members .
Set guest on line

Also if you would like my add-on but you don't have a paypal please send me a PM and we can figure out some other form of payment to buy my add-on or for donations. :)

After the first year of buying this add-on in order to receive updates and support it will cost it will cost $10 USD per year.​
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For example 1 fake user

It shows,
In members online/current visitors:
Viewing unknown page A moment ago
and in,
Online Statistics
Members Online:
Guests Online:
Robots Online:
Total Visitors:
Totals may include hidden visitors.
Viewing unknown page thing is a deal breaker for me. To my way of thinking that smells of bot. 'Course we had tons of bot issues and they were all trying to view the profiles of deleted users.

Just sayin.

Would love it and BUY it once you get it to look like a user is actively reading forums with some sort of clock that changes what they are doing every "reasonable" time period (i.e. not forum hopping every second - again, reeks of bot).

Love the idea... waiting on the implementation.

Great idea though.
I am currently in the process of trying to make a quick fix where you can limit who can see the member card. this quick fix should help until i am able to figure out how to do like JChandler has suggested or at least be able to make it where it will not say unknown page.


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Any update that fixes any bugs?
unlikely to ever be. the addon is now owned by @betatester rather than the original developer. Since the change of ownership the only change the owner has made is put huge copyright signs on the addon, a change which he needed to pay someone else to add to his addon.