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Can anybody please suggest a way for users to submit a request that goes into a queue where a moderator can then take ownership, discuss and update the status? I'm looking for something similar to the Reports system I guess.

For example, we have users put in requests to be approved for certain forums. At the moment they click a link that starts a conversation with all the moderators added to it. I'd instead prefer that request to go into a mods-eyes-only queue or perhap into a new thread created in the moderators-only forum.

I'm not sure if there's any way to have the built-in features of XF achieve something like this, or if I need to start looking at add-ons.
How about a forum where only mods and the thread starter can view the thread. We do this and it works very well.

Forum permissions =
Registered users revoke view threads by others
moderating allow view threads by others
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