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So, i've finished to install and configure my XF installation..however, I came to encounter a small problem. Besides me (administrator), any moderators from the board have 0 powers. They can't delete threads, edit..nothing..not even the thread tools link doesn't appear anywhere. The same moderators appear in the Staff Online now tab.

Every moderator is in the Moderator user group..I've double checked that the usergroup has all the privileges. I've also picked 1 moderator and given him privileges on 1 forum with no success. I don't I need to do something else?

edit. i've also granted this above moderator Super Moderator privileges, still can't do anything
Did you set the permissions of any other user groups to "Never" by any chance?

I typically leave most of the non-regular things to Not Set for registered users, and leave everyone in that group. Then you have a "template" for most users, and you can add additional permissions to other groups, and add the proper users to these groups as needed. seems it's defaulted to Never..for example the "Registered" usergroup is set on Never for moderating forums and all that. Is there a connection?
oh..tnx Brogan..I understand now. It's odd since it was the default option (never), I didn't thought for a second that this may impact the moderators or any other groups
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