XF 2.2 Moderator Permissions


Permissions associated with the Moderator User Group are global; they apply to every node and all members in the Moderators user group.

So setting, for instance, Use inline moderation on threads / posts for the User Group Moderator means any user in the Moderator User Group can use inline moderation on threads / posts in any node unless those permissions are set to No for that user in Node Permissions for that node?

I have a group of Moderators. I want them to be have content moderator permissions for specific nodes to which they are assigned. I do not want all Moderators to be able to, for instance, delete threads, lock threads, edit any thread, edit any post in nodes they are not specifically assigned to as content moderator.

I have read many threads here. I have read the docs multiple times. I am attempting to ascertain that my understanding is accurate. Thanks
Set the permissions for the moderating user group to the minimum you want all moderators to have - leave all other permissions set to No.

Set individual permissions for specific moderators at the node level - either by setting them as content moderators, or via node permissions (they must still be promoted to moderator status though).
@Medievalist I'm obviously not sure how much this may matter in your case. but if it's relevant to you, may I suggest you upvote (= "Like) this suggestion:
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