Add-on Moderator or Staff display!


With old phpBB or IPB you could assign moderators for specific forums. "Person1" could be the moderator of the design forum, and "person2" could be the moderator of the flame forum, etc etc.

I know with Xenforo you can also assign a specific person or group to moderate a forum, however, what was nice about those aforementioned boards is that it would displayed on the main index at the bottom of said forum something like "Forum Moderated by: Person1". People would then apply for a forum moderator position and it would encourage them to post information, stickies, etc pertaining to the forum they were "in charge of" upon being accepted for the position.

I was hoping someone could develop an add-on that would display this information on the index for everyone to see. If it already exists, even better. (Just point me to it :) )