Moderator functionality & user database queries...


We're looking at starting a forum with this SW and have a few questions:
- We would like to try to create a self-moderated community in the main, and therefore would enable moderation rights when users have a set amount of points (trusted) it possible to automate this?
- We have a user database on our site already, are there any ways for the two user databases to talk?
- Can we completely customise the styling to seamlessly fit into our site?

Many thanks in advance...


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User group promotions could be used to add members to groups with moderator capabilities.
However, they would still need to explicitly be made moderators to gain access to all of the tools, specifically reported items.

Creating a bridge is possible but will require custom code.

Styling is very easy with the Style Properties system.

Try an online demo: Admin Demo and refer to the Help Manual:
Hi Brogan,

Thanks for the quick response...

So with user groups, can people progress from one to another based on points achieved? We have a pretty active subscriber base on our site and so we want to limit the impact of introducing a forum by automating certain admin functions as much as possible. I think you're saying that we can do that, but users that achieve moderation status would still need to be granted that status manually by an administrator? I guess we could do that on a weekly basis if required..

Could you confirm / elaborate?

Many thanks


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Yes, group promotion is possible using various criteria such as posts, trophy points, likes, etc.

They would still have most of the moderating tools, as various moderator permissions can be applied to any user or group, just not all of them.
So you would still need to apply the moderator status manually to give them full access.


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Not at the moment.

This is from Mike, one of the developers.
LDAP authentication comes up every so often, but it isn't an option we provide yet. In theory, you could override the login procedure entirely and create accounts based on data in AD.

All customers get access to the source code.