After importing it shows 300 needing moderation, I don't recall this many posts needing moderation when importing, what's going on here, and is there anyway to delete all of them at once, instead of selecting another one by one.

Jake Bunce

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How do you hard delete, I don't want them stickin around.
I just tested it. Selecting Delete from the queue is a soft-delete. I don't see any option to hard-delete moderated posts other than using inline moderation check boxes (which is time consuming if the moderated posts are spread throughout the forum).

I don't have a good solution for you. :(
But when moderated, they don't show anyway do they? So soft deleted does what? Allows Admins to see it but not members? So it is still technically still in the database? Any way to mass prune soft deleted posts?

Jake Bunce

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There are group permissions to determine viewing of those posts:

Admin CP -> Users -> List User Groups -> [click a group]
> View moderated threads / posts
> View deleted threads / posts

These permissions are usually granted in the moderator records though:

Admin CP -> Users -> Moderators -> [click the moderator]

Any way to mass prune soft deleted posts?
Not to my knowledge.