Fixed  "Moderation Queue" doesn't get rebuilt when key is missing in Data Registry


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If the "moderationCounts" key is missing from the data registry, it doesn't get rebuilt when _updateModeratorSessionCaches() is called in the abstract public controller. (executed on each page load)

In XenForo_Dependencies_Public::_handleCustomPreloadedData(), we have:
XenForo_Application::set('moderationCounts', $data['moderationCounts']);
which sets the moderationCounts to null, in case the data is missing.
And in XenForo_ControllerPublic_Abstract::_updateModeratorSessionModerationCounts(), we have:
		if (XenForo_Application::isRegistered('moderationCounts'))
which always returns true (because it seems it doesn't check for null values). This prevents the cache from being rebuilt. I believe this is a bug; even though I can't find any situation where this data registry key gets deleted (except when running a delete query manually).


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The same logic seems to apply to report counts too. They'll now only be registered if they're arrays.