Moderation Quene permission ?

Hi guys,

I have set one group called Register 0 (means I have to approve or disapprove new threads or spamming messages if new users are registered). It will show up on Moderation Quene/Awaiting User Approval

Other group called Register 1 is we can permit to good members after transferred from Register 0. I still see Moderation Quene when a user create new thread or new posts, I have to approve again? How to set it without moderation quene approval?

Doesn't ACP's usergroup permission fix this matter, it is confusing..


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If you revoked a permission, or set them to be in moderation (I can't for the life of me think of the actual permission), and only added them to Registered 1 as a promotion, make sure you specifically set it to allow/ not be in moderation.

If they are still in Registered 0, the "Inherit" setting will be to be in moderation.


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Registered 0 should have the Follow message moderation rules set to Not Set (No)
Registered 1 should have the Follow message moderation rules set to Allow

Users in Registered 0 will have their posts moderated. Users added to Registered 1 can post without moderation.

There's no need to transfer from one group to another. If you have your groups set up correctly you can just add to additional groups to increase permissions. See Brogan guide for more info on this.