XF 1.5 Moderation for individual members?


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This might be a simple question/issue. However, it's one I have not come across before and my searches here did not give me a clear answer (so, apologies if I missed the answer to my questions).

Suppose I have an individual user that I would like to place in moderation (i.e., I have to approve only that members posts. Is there an easy way to do this other than creating a specific user group for the member (and, of course, all those whom I might later put into the "moderated group")?


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You can moderator a single users using User Permissions in the ACP.

However, a user group is better IMO as it's likely you will want to set up a range of other restrictions to prevent users being destructive (eg prevent them from editing posts, changing avatar etc). I user group means you can set this up once and then just add users each time rather than repeat the same settings for multiple users.