Can you grant User Management Permissions for individual hidden subforums?


Is there a way to grant moderator and group management powers to an individual user for a specific subforum?

Under our old forums, we had a series of hidden "guild" threads, where guild members could chat. The head of the guild was given special permissions that allowed them to define which users could view their guild's hidden subforum, which they could manage from their profile page.

I figured out how to give users moderation powers over specific subforums (simple enough), but not the ability to hide or show specific users their specific subforum (at least not without giving them full user management permissions everywhere).

Bugger is, under the new XenForo, if a guild master wants to add/remove someone from their guild, they've gotta contact an administrator to do so.

If it isn't possible to grant this sort of partial permission by default, is there a plugin for this? (Preferably that'd let us use existing subforums, as some of these have been around 10 years or more, having migrated from previous forum software over the years).

PS. Technically a customer, but I apparently don't have the required account info to post in support, so posting here.