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The moderation Queue design is IMHO horrible. (For example important data aren't shown)

Wouldn't it be much better, to make a "nice overview" like in the reported items?
Long texts are horrible to read and there's no "go to content" link.
At least this link would be useful, to be able to read the content in an nice UI...


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I'll never understand why the behaviour of the Moderation Queue isn't the same as Reported Items

Reported Items is great with history and a lot of handling, Moderation Queueis a piece of **** the way it is ...


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I've just opened up our test install to our mods and the first thing they asked is how do you tell which forum the threads in the moderation queue are meant to be going to?

That information seems to be missing and it's something pretty basic and pretty vital...


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In the list of posts awaiting moderator approval, it would be really handy to list what forum that post is from, along with the post details. This is because in isolation a post may not break any forum rules, but if it is posted in the wrong section, it would. This would be particularly useful for sites where the members initially have all their posts moderated. At the moment all you can do is approve a post, then later go and check where it is posted.

Brett Peters

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+1 and liked

While we are at it can we also have the ability to move threads and posts from the mod que :)
I cant remember if you are able to hard delete a thread, If not then may as well throw that in as well