Not a bug  Moderation-bug ? Closed Thread is still open


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Hi Mike,

could you please check whether the following is a bug in the moderator-system:

I have "Reported" my own thread to the moderators in order to get my own thread being closed.

It seems a moderator has "somehow" closed this thread, as in the thread-list it says "0 Views / 0 Replies".
Please see Screenshot attached.

However, when you actually visit this thread, all the replies are still visible and this thread is actually not closed at all.

So something appears to be strange here ?

Many thanks,



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however, why is the moved thread still showing up in the list of the forum-section of which it belonged before moving ?


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That's indicating that there are an unknown amount of replies/views and an unknown last post date. The redirection notices are there if you browse for the thread via the thread list. They don't get bumped on replies.


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yeah, it is fine.

Just the term "N/A" (within the column "Last Message") does not provide a great wealth of information.
Maybe change the wording from "N/A" towards "Thread moved" or "Thread transferred" or something would give a better information ?

"N/A" really does not say anything, rather meaning "not available" or "not applicable".