Add-on [$$$] Moderated Items Under Review / Reporting System


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I originally wanted @Daniel Hood to add this to Moderator Essentials, but he seems to not care for the idea. Anyway the basics is this:

Mechanism to mark items in the moderation queue as "under review". Basically we use the resource manager along with a custom addon to allow people to sell their resource via PayPal. As part of this we require approval of resource to ensure that they meet minimum standards, do what they say, have an adequate description etc. Occasionally we send a message to authors giving them X days to fix their description so that we can approve it or else it will be deleted. The problem with this is that leaving these resources in the mod-q means that multiple staff might waste their time reviewing the same resource.

One way I thought of dealing with this might be to add a special "review" button to items in the mod-q that opens a report which other moderators can use to discuss that item. If an item has an open "review" report open, then that item will be collapsed / greyed out / marked as such in the mod queue.

Let me know if you have ideas about implementing this. I can also offer a small commission to get it implemented.
In case the above wasn't clear enough, let me rephrase it in a different way: I want a way to create comments and assign staff members to items in the moderated items queue. I think the easiest way to do this would be to create and display inline special reports attached to these entries.

I am willing to pay up to a couple hundred dollars for this.



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@md_5 I've actually been prototyping out an addon for something similar to that for merging the moderation queue and reporting queue.

The original idea is to permit users to flag a post for review with a comment, and then the usual reporting system to manage staff tracking the content. I want to push the moderation queue functionality into the reporting system because having them separate is a bloody pain in the ass.


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Haven't responded to most of these. Don't take that the wrong way. I like to see if others respond + keeps an element of surprise when I do implement things.
This is the same way that @Chris D operates his suggestions forums. Perfectly valid way of doing this, leaves others to respond if they also agree with suggestions which then helps these devs decide on which suggestions to implement.